January 25, 2007



Such a happy post. Max is turning 4! You've got a lovely get-away planned with a friend. Your BOOK is out and being celebrated by other artists.
Life is great in Australia!

melissa f.

oh meetups-- how exciting and bone chillingly nerve wracking. there are bound to be lots of good people on the other end-- can't think of better things to be able to look forward to.


sounds like a month filled with wonderful things! i just day before yesterday received the book from amazon uk and have been loving it so much... your essay in it is one of the most remarkable things i have read and has inspired me greatly.... right now i am enjoying soaking up the book bit by bit before i go to bed. wish i could be in australia to celebrate!


Ohhh the blogmeet..... I had this bizaaro dream about it, there were like 100 people there in this room and all the cool people were on one side and I got satuck talking with these very old ladies on the other side. God I wonder what that could mean....?


I meant stuck not satuck - which maybe is the japanese word for type too fast and not using a spellcheck.


Hey!!!! Auntie Nic is gonna SQUISH alright ;)

Congrats about the Charming meet too AL!! I'm gonna bring my copy of the book for you to sign in Melbourne :)

BT4 - Yeah bring on the madness.


sounds like fun!
my little boy will turn 4 in april --amazing how fast they grow.


Wow. Your February sounds as busy as mine! Happy birthday to Max, congrats on the book, enjoy the blog meet, and I do hope I *finally* make it into a Backtack..


God, I hope I'm not one of Shannon's very old ladies ...


It all sounds busy but nice. Thanks for mentioning the book launch, I will be back in Sydney then so will try and make it along to say hello!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Your are as much as busy as I am :) But even if I'm completely tired and fed up with these bad first months of my second pregnancy (can it be possible to be more ill than ill ???! Yes it's possible ! Look at my face you'll understand LOL) I'm impatient to discover the news about Back Tack 4 ! Count me in of course :) Smooches from Belgium ! Casper (Didine I mean :) !!)

teresa m

I use that exactly same pen! Pilot 0.4. It´s just so good to draw and write with it.


They do grow up so fast, don't they?

And Back Tack 4?! You know how excited I am to hear about it? I didn't get to do #3 as I hadn't had much time for it, but I hope to join this time.

Have fun at your meetup!

michelle giacobello

If you have any free time - I have an exhibition opening at the Frankston Arts Centre on Sat 3rd feb. Runs for 2 months. Would love to send you an invite :)


Yay..Backtack is on its way!

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