November 07, 2006


Miss Dot

I listened to the race in Spotlight! is that sad or what? :-)


Definitely poolside with the pool boys. :)


I have no idea what "sweaty poo" is, but my husband and I are on the floor, hysterical with laughter so I'm sure it's to become a buzz word in our house. I'm with you on the travel distance between countries, makes you wonder if travel was more readily accessible, might we have more world citzens and greater tolerance for our fellow humans?


michelle giacobello

Oh someone else who gets the truffle thing. I always say that's my dream - to live in a truffle orchard.

I love the idea of lazy days crafting, painting or playing with my kids - long lunches, and taking the pig out for a walk that reaps thousands of dollars.

The air is always warm in these daydreams, with slightly dusty air, and a great big wooden door on my glorious rustic provincial house. I'm sitting under trees at my ironwork table eating something superb, which I grew myself, and a hearty glass of wine in hands. Satisfaction, no worries, senses working overtime, and no need for talking.

ahhhhhh - thanks for the mini-holiday.


better than just calling their son Gentle, their smallest daughter is called Winterbelle!

fellow inner westie and recovered goth.


Cold, wet, windy in Melbourne at midnight (what's new?)thanks for a great laugh. I get the sweaty poo - i have a 5 year old!

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