September 14, 2006



Brava. Especially after becoming a mother, I feel like I spend a lot of the time yearning for someone to listen and understand (or at least nod) to what one goes through by pregnancy and new parenthood. I also find that I look for people that have had the same experience. I look forward to receiving what you have to give...


Nice one. Ive subscribed already. Infact Im the first, do I get a prize?

Im looking forward to reading more installments with no cheese.


As usual Alison, a much more eloquent introduction than my flippant comments :-) I am so looking forward to watching how things unfold!


Well done. Big pats on the back to you both. I'm wandering over for a visit now, tempted by the offer of scones (jam and cream??)


What a great idea - I am due to start back at work (I am also an architect) after a years maternity leave and quite frankly I am terrified. Looking forward to some sunny laundry days with you both.

Miss Dot

Good luck on the birth of your new venture. I wish you all the best!


Alison - I've been reading six and a half stitches for awhile, as well as a number of other craft blogs, and I do think that there is a need to address the other side of mothering... in the face of all this creativity it is hard to remember that it is not imperative that you craft every toy your child plays with, sew up all his fabulous original outfits, make sure your husband has a complete wardrobe of hand knitted socks, foster your own children's creativity through homeschooling, and prepare all of your family's meals from only locally grown foods purchased from the farmer's market (though if you can harvest it from your own backyard, so much the better!). We expect so much from ourselves, and it is not always as easy as we like to portray it as on a public blog. Thanks for helping to expose the part that is maybe not so sunny!!


Good luck on the new blog!


"Good on ya" [Isn't this what Australians say? Forgive me if it isn't--]

I am not a mother but hope to be one someday. And when I am, I'll look to women like you and Sooz for guidance and advice and honesty. For now, I'm sending the link to The Washing Line to my friend, who just had a baby this week, and to my other friend, who just announced her pregnancy. Best to you and yours--


Like you, I don't tend to share what I go through. I have bipolar disorder and am currently pregnant, I know how hard it is to be a mother, a woman, a person. I'm glad you found a new place for solace and friends. I will be keeping up with your journey both here and there!


bravo. and thank you


looking forward to it. I'll see you there.

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Congratulations for this new blog :) I'm happy of it because I'm a mohter too and so well understand you !!! I send you tons of vanilla smooches from Belgium :) Take care !!


Hi there. I'm not pregnant, but I'm hoping to be soon. All my ideas of pregnancy and labour came from tv and movies, which didn't inspire me to bother. But I've discovered a group here in Brisbane which talks about a whole range of topics related to birthing, and it's really opened my eyes to how wonderful and empowering it can be. And now I discover this too! I'm really glad that I, and others in my position, have access to the advice and experience of other women in a way that I'm sure my mother didn't. Thankyou for your willingness to be honest about your experiences.

lisa s

oh you really are a super-mom.... how completely generous and fantastic of you and sooz. you women rock!

wow wow! [maybe i CAN have a kid]


Those are great news!
Albeit I'm a mom of one and will stay a mom of one as we have no plans for more children, I think that meeting you two at the washing line will be great. Being a professional working artist I find it quite difficult to truly connect with moms that don't hone their creative skills and just look on blankly when I talk about the need/inert desire to create both for a living and for my family.

I'm looking forward to your communiques.


Going to go and have a look now.


First of all, thanks for your candour.
I'm not a mother so i can't relate to that particular aspect.
But there are other aspects that I can very much relate to.

The joint blog to cover other issues and interests is a great idea.


I will follow you to TWL...

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