August 21, 2006



ha! my morning internet ritual is almost exactly the same: gmail-flickr-bloglines-statcounter.

julia fc

Statcounter, really? Doesn't it drive you crazy? I weaned myself off that one after a few months to keep my sanity, but I do get a kick out of checking it when a big blogger links me, like Stephanie or Margene.

lisa s

i think i might want the pile of tonka trucks.... sigh.....


you have much order in your life. i love it.


Ritual--the thing we invented to keep our species sane. I can do anything as long as I figure out the magic way it fits into the system--adapt to a new place, write in a new kind of notebook, make something out of something I didn't plan to use.... At home, in the morning, I get up, brush, wash, dress, and then right away (when it's my choice) check email, blogs, and stats. Then I try to write, and then I go to work cleaning up my mess or cutting out new patterns or sewing. Which is what I ought to get back to now.

Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to be slow in replying. I will, soon.


as always i love seeing your piles al, i've taken to keeping my japanese craft books in stacks all over the place, little shrines to possibility...


beautiful!when we know ourselves, we can manage our environment to get the best from ourselves and those around us.
My piles have to be in baskets,or boxes, if it is contained it is tidy.I would do well to have an antique postal sorter with loads of pigeonholes for for all of the projects, from 1 ball of yarn and a scrap of paper - to an almost complete garment and pattern.
I miss having trucks around, and busy little people pushing them.


I love that you make a little pile prior to beginning each new project.

The sleeping peaceful child thing? Yep, that too.


Well since I'm pretty much OCD I have lots of rituals. Kissing my kids before I go to bed is a must. I have to make sure they're breathing and everything......


I, too, cannot stand to walk past my daughter's empty room when she is away. It chills my heart.


oh you
are so sweet
for indulging me!
i love your little
and your rituals...
i am such
a person
of rituals
but when things
get hectic
i forget
how important
they are
for settling
your brain...

epoxy garage floor

Oh, almost forgot. My first garage floor was done 5 years ago, and with lesser quality sealant. That is the one that has taken unbelievable abuse and still looks good. I’ve got a metal shop in my garage and even that hasn’t affected the floor. :-)

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