August 06, 2006



Oh my. Some days it's very hard to be a mother. To be a mother-to-be (again) too! Don't anybody talk to me about being a good one.

If you really must go wet, why not taking a bath? Nice wet!

I wish you a quieter monday (and don't go to the postoffice if you feel like resting. I can wait I will be quite busy...)

Twitchy Fingers

Oh I hear that! Some days... and the rain makes it worse. But you can't complain about the rain because we need it, so that makes you even crankier. Scowl away I say.


Hope it passes quick (the rain and the funk).


Yep, those damn jewish women can really mess up your day.


I am soo glad that I am not the only one that has days like that! I hope the next day brings alittle more calm and less frustration - and I am a non-jew living in a highly populated orth. Jewish area so I get that one!! Your tummy looks great.


I feel your pain! I hope your weekend has been better.


It'll be all better when the baby comes and you are totally sleep deprived in the bargain.

(I laughed out loud when reading this and my daughter (4 and a half) came and asked why. I tried to explain that I *so* recognized your situation. 'You know, like in the mornings, when we are in a hurry, and mummy is tired and pushes you kids around and shouts COME ON and PUT YOUR SHOES ON, remember?'
And she answered 'No?????'

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Miss Dot

parmesan is very high in calcium.. :-)


Ahh what to say? Wouldn't life be nice without days like that? Although perhaps if we didn't have days like that then we wouldn't appreciate the good ones nearly as much.
Big telepathic hugs coming your way...


oh bless your heart, we have days like that here more often than i care to admit, and i'm not even pregnant!

snuggle in with your boy, you'll both feel better and the time for snuggling with just him is passing quickly. {{{HUG}}}


Oh I can understand very easily - this is exactly the kind of MY day .
My 3.5 year old daughter is "awful" with me (I don't if it's ME who cannot stand her behavior or if she's like this because of the pregnancy ?) - I scream at her all day long and I hate that :o(

I can only say "good luck" - hopefully you have a nice WE (sunny and quiet ?)

your belly is amazing ;oD !!

Fench huggs from Canada...


I am going to the post office on Monday!!! First thing in the morning, promised ;-)

More telehugging...


Yes, I can *so* relate. Bad days just seem to get worse, don't they? Here's hoping that Saturday and Sunday are (were) better, with many more hugs and many fewer tears. The same amount of chocolate sounds ok to me.

lisa s

oh alison... hugs....

i wish i could make you our kit and fed ex it.... in the crazy hope that it would make you feel like the wonderwoman that you are!!!


Woah! Sounds like an awful day. But what does somebody's religion have to do with it?!?!?


I've got to agree with Laura - sorry about your bad day, but why identify people by their religion?

Lee Ann

Been there, made that cry. Aie, ya poor sweetie.

You want me to knit you an umbrella? ;-)


Holy mackerel! What a day! I hope it all gets better, and Albert did go get something for dinner, didn't he?


When a day is like that, what is there to do but make art of it?

By the way, the antidote to the pink clothing for petite 6.5 is, in my book, some pink clothing for Max as well. My little fella looks particularly fetching in loud pinks.


*gasp* NOT PINK!!!!! We will never be able to think of you the same again. :)

I mean:

"There, there, Sweet One. It'll be ok."



Some days are just like that.


It did bucket down on friday! Sorry your day was so bad. Hugs to you.


Makes me want to laugh & cry at the same time - I totally relate. Amazing that you could record such a day so articulately!


parmesan is super nutritious. xoxo


i think my son and your son are about the same age or close to. they are quite a handful at this age...they don't eat, want everything, cry and on occasion throw fits...hope everything's going a little better...

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