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July 17, 2006



Hope you enjoy your Monday and your quilt is looking fabulous. I adore your Japanese craft books, the little girls dresses are very cute.


Heathen Quilter's can do whatever they like. Yes, you can machine and hand quilt. It is looking very gorgeous by the way.


you can mix and match hand and machine quilting the same way you can do hand piecing but machine quilt or machine piece but hand quilt (doesn't jane at yarnstorm do this), or machine piece half the quilt and hand piece the other half and then get your mom to either hand or machine quilt the rest... :) do you know enough other quilters in sydney to have a quilting bee? maybe you could get them all to come over and with the right form of bribery (lemonade/snacks/and maybe fabric scraps?) get them to handquilt a few of the larger rectangles for ya. :) i would so do it if i was there!!!!

lisa s

of COURSE you can mix machine and hand! esp. YOU!!

um... i'm going to avoid your flickr for a little bit. i need no encouragement in the book dept. shame on you!


I'm shocked that you're asking if it's OK. You're an artist -- you can do whatever you want! (you usually do, don't you?) I've mixed hand and machine quilting MANY times and it can be very effective (ok, once it looked dumb, but that quilt was a stinker in many respects ;)


you're tempting me to buy those craft books -- though i will restrain myself for now.


Go ahead, mix your quilting styles. It works. I've done it many times. Now, some of the time was because a quilt that had a lot of hand quilting in it was never going to be done unless I took the machine to it, but still. It's a design statement. Your own opinion is all that matters, right? You'll know if it hangs together artistically or not. If not, rip it out! It's only thread...


I try not to be a heathen quilter, but I've machine and hand quilted a quilt before (there were many very long straight lines that I couldn't bring myself to hand quilt). Don't let "the rules" stop you from doing what you want.

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