June 23, 2006



I'm so impressed at all that you have done this week and so happy that you are feeling better!


You've made a quilt, and so you are a quilter. Better go get yourself some appliqued sweatshirts. Wait a minute, you are supposed to apply the applique yourself. Make me some too while you are at it, because I don't have any either.

lisa s

so glad you are feeling better... AND making something for YOU [it's not a superman cape is it?]


I love the different fabrics and textures. I can wait to see it unfold

Kitty Jimjams

I even love your notebook - is it a Moleskine?

That quilt is going to be the stunningest. I love your "piles" (not sure if I should say that to a pregnant lady!) and I love, love the unique design. I'm sure those tiny strips are a pain, but think of the extra satisfaction when you run your hand over them later!


Hang on. I thought I had lost you to the dark side for a minute. But then when you said you forgot to wash the fabric, I knew you were back. I am still a little disappointed though to see such precision in such a gorgeous notebook. Seriously, the quilt looks awesome.


I am really impressed - you are in pain but you're still doing an amazing job !

I am glad you're feeling better - I'm sure it's gonna be better and better - I really believe in osteopathy.

I am really curious to see Petite 6.5 sts 's quilt - especially this mix with wool and fabric (a nice inspiration for me ;o) )

take care. good vibes from canada :oD


the quilt looks to be beautiful. so glad you have found some relief... all best


WIP? Only ONE? Impossible! I'm renovating (read giving/chucking) my workroom/guest space... this makes many a WIP:
*Adding books to my Bookcrossing "available" list.
*Shredding up some bedsheets to turn them into a rug so to be cast on to #19s (i think)
* the slow-poking subway socks on #1s
* Sexy Shrug that I've designed and recently redesigned
* those damned cashmere fingerless gloves that are 90% done (still!)
then there's the Garden...
...the watercolor that's running around in my head...
...and 5 more designs to get onto paper before I loose them from my brain.


Glad to hear that you're better!
And I like your non-traditional quilt approach very much -- excited to see what it will become!


So glad you are finding some means of relief. Best of luck with that, here's hoping it continues to get better. Also, I wanted to mention how gorgeous your photos are. They always looks so professional, like they should be in a book. I am always inspired by what I see here.


Glad you are feeling better!
I was lucky enough to grow potatoes on my feet towards the end of my pregnancy...Lucky me!
Quilting was right up my alley then and now...mine have not the color rich beauty of yours though. I keep leaning towards hectic-hawaiian style. Need to learn how to stand back..
But yours are lovely and nice to admire!

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