May 21, 2006



The pink will come I can guarantee it!

I had the same feeling & dilemma when pregnant with my daughter. Somehow I now wear pink too!


I just finished going through my son's old baby clothes because of course it's easier for a girl to wear blues & grays than it is for a boy to wear pink. I didn't think I would find a lot that my soon to be baby girl can wear of my son's clothes but I actually did -- as long as it didn't have trucks or trains on it and as long as I knew it would make people think that the baby is a boy - it's all good. I love the color gray -- it's such a neutral color.


The pink has well and truly taken over here. My husband is not impressed! I loved the Japanese craft book with girl's clothes. I have this one 4579109708. Gorgeous stuff as well.


Yep, pink sort of creeps in there when you're not looking, then they tell you their favourite colour is pink so EVERYTHING has to be pink. I love the idea of a grey wrap and bloomers though, very nice.


would you like a pack of plain white sleepsuits in the post? I'd be happy to send it :) Great for freezer stencils...

Hospitals here in the Midlands of the UK have a policy of not telling you the gender of the baby, I think it helps keep the yellows, greens and reds for just a little bit longer. Now my daughters 4 though... she won't even countenance a plain white t-shirt :)


I'd wait until you are required to supply pink on demand. With boy/girl twins there was no way I was falling into the blue/pink trap so had a great time knitting with lilac, cream, green, yellow, blue, peach, navy and red. The pink may or may not come - Alice was never bothered but Phoebe loved it.


I was so against pink, and for quite a while we had virtually none. A lot of red, navy, some browns, oranges, purples. Now that she's closer to three though she's beginning to make choices for herself, and pink has crept into her wardrobe. I still cannot believe how hard sometimes it is to search out the alternatives.


Ha! I had completely forgotten about the John Lewis sleep things I had for my son. They were soooo soft. When I had my baby (in the USA) I was really turned off by all the stuff with balls of all kinds. It seemed to me the girls had great choices for clothing, and boys got the balls. :)


And I was so looking forward to seeing the pink fairy influence sneak into your work!!!The more I read this, the more I realised that we have very little pink in our house. Sure, the assorted pink item of clothing here and there, but the girls rooms are painted blue, the other green. Then it all came back to me. Yes, the overwhelming feeling of I cannot do a pink room. But have you seen our cubby house ? http://mummyjo.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_mummyjo_archive.html


If you truly wish for white baby things, check out Dharma Trading (http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/3283-AA.shtml)

Then you can decide to either keep them white, or dye them whatever color you wish.

lisa s

alison... it's funny b/c i HATED pink when i was younger and now love it.... for myself. but i would have a really hard time dressing a baby girl in all pink - i'm so with you on the gender thing...

thank you SO MUCH for the mention... i'm so honored!!!! i love your sense of style and taste and so.... well i'll stop gushing now! xo


we are a red and neutrals household here but somehow the pink does have a way of creeping in and i have a very difficult time finding shoes that aren't pink...


I was the same about pink when I first found out that I was having a girl. It was just so overwhelming and too much of the same thing. I have come around to liking pink though, but only if I team it with red. I'm happy to pop to mothercare for you though.

Vicki in Michigan

I dressed my daughter in primary colors and overalls as long as I had a choice.... She HAD to wear skirts, from about 4.5 to about 6.5, but they didn't have to be pink (or purple)....... The paint she chose for her room at 5 was pink. VERY pink. So pink that the light coming out of the room at night was pink.

But she loved it, so that was fine. (At 10 she chose chartreuse. :-) At 15 she wanted black, and I said fine, only you have to be the one to put however many coats of primer on to cover it before you move out.... It's still chartreuse, and she just turned 18.)

I still don't like any pastels, especially pink. Hot pink, with orange and turquoise, fine. Baby pink? Ick. Makes me think of being told to be a "good girl", which meant being "nice" and never arguing and never having a strong point of view and taking care of others at my own expense -- *none* of which I want, for myself or for my daughter!

ps -- you ain't seen pink till you've been down the Barbie aisle at Toys 'r Us. DH and I used to call it the Pink Poisoning aisle.....


I've found my color tastes really vary by season -- like many people. I do love a deep, burnt orange, but right now my favorite colors are turquoise and pink. Love the pink. I think it is because I'm so tall and a bit uncomfortable with my stature. Wearing pink makes me feel more girly.

So noted. 6.5 and 6.5 petite are not fans of la rosa.


We weren't sure of the whole pink thing either....but something happens when you have a little girl. Suddenly pink seems so right! A few pinks will gradually sneak in to compliment your neautrals :)

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