February 02, 2006



We too have a hard time with drilling holes in walls. We have owned our house now for over 3 years, and are still hanging the pictures on the previous owners hooks, even thou they don't fit in to the room probably, and some even look damn silly!


goodnes you really do have such a gorgeous and stylish home!!

This would be why I wish I inherited more of Dad's architect genes :)


What a classy boy's room, full of interesting things. I had to laugh at your chair obsession, my husband has the same obsession. We have needed to replace several pieces of worn out furniture for years, but instead of doing that, we keep bringing lots of lovely chairs!


i know what you mean about the legos and the train tracks- they aren't only in my son's room but they seem to find a way ALL OVER the house.


divine fabric, an incredible chair, what an amazing corner...sublime!


I have the same chair obsession, and the strange thing is I don't even like to sit on them, just stare at them in architectural delight. By the way, the room is beautiful, straight out of the pages of a design magazine.


I love the chair and the curtains... so peaceful... I would love to make a cup of tea and settle in. I like your style -very nice! :)


Have you considered using the 3M sticky removable hooks? I hate drilling holes too, so all my pictures (admittedly no super-heavy ones) are hung with these. They really do peel off cleanly and you don't have to worry about taking paint off. You can get them at Coles/Safeway.

I enjoy your blog, glad that you are rejuvenated and refreshed :-)

ugg knightsbridge

I love that drawing! It reminds me of that old TV show (might still be going actually..) in North America called The Big Comfy Couch. Definitely need on of those at home!

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