January 22, 2006



Alison I am hoping (and checking lanes and houses when I drive past your way)that Neko comes back soon,a cat is not "just a cat" it's family.take care

Kitty Jimjams

Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear this news... It may not help, but my very tiny 3-yr-old cat went missing before Christmas for nearly 3 weeks, and she did indeed bounce home through the catflap - on my husband's birthday, no less. She was very thin and tired but has since recovered completely, and she stays home much more now. I couldn't believe she would survive for that long on her own and had pretty much given up.

Cats are remarkably tough beasts, and everyone I spoke to at the time had a story of how they can come home after extraordinary lengths of time. I didn't dare let myself believe it at the time, but it is true. It sounds as if you are doing everything you can to help her come home, so try not to blame yourself. Very few cats are "just a cat" I know.

I hope Neko is home very soon.


oh no! i hope your cat neko comes home soon! my favorite dog tootie ran away years ago and i still get teary thinkin bout him.


Thinking good thoughts for you & Neko. Mrs. Murphy, my neighbor's cat got out and six, yes, 6 months later she got a call from the vet. The cat had found a new family and the family had brought her in to her regular vet for a check up. It was quite a reunion, as you might imagine. Let's hope yours doesn't take nearly as long.


I hope she comes back. :(


you poor thing, loosing your pet is AWFUL. did she have micro chip in her neck? lets hope someone hands her in and she'll be home with you safe very soon. don't be hard on yourself, cats are sneaky ones they get out quick


No such thing as "just a cat."


oh no! I just read this. How terrible. my brother and my sister-in-law lost their cat for three months and then it just came home one night. That taught me to never give up hope. I will hope for you...


I hope she comes back, too. Right now! I am so sad for you still. I had a cat, Nathan, who lived his life indoors, and when he got out, he took his time in the outdoors. Never more than a week, though. Lets hope Neko gets her exploring done sooner than that.


Sending positive thoughts that your baby with be back with you soon.


I'm crossing every finger and toe I have that she comes home soon, safe and sound.


I'm headed to Mass in an hour and I will say a prayer for her safe return.

Sending good thoughts.


Keep up hope! I have a friend in Georgia that lost his cat Molly (his only companion for many years). She ran out the door when someone came to visit. He looked for her for two weeks, and could not find her.

Finally a neighbor came and said there was a scared cat hiding under her porch, in the far back corner, that looked very thin.

He crawled under the porch and it was Molly! She was very happy to see him and recovered fully. She has kept very close to him ever since.

Best wishes for you and for Neko!


fingers crossed that Neko comes home soon! My Claw has gotten out and stayed away for an entire week before, then just appeared like nothing was wrong! crazy cats. Thinking of you and Neko.


We had to put my dog to sleep very recently so I know what you mean about "not just" an animal.

I'll say a little prayer for you.


I hope you get your kitty back soon. I'm sending helpful thoughts for little Neko-chan.


I'm so sorry--I'm sending positive thoughts your way. And of course Neko is not "just a cat". Hang in there.


I wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could help you look. I know exactly how you feel. You and Neko are in my thoughts....


I'm sending good wishes from Germany that she'll be running home soon!


You are understandably beside yourself with worry and grief. She's a member of your family.You've done everything possible to secure her return, so please don't be so hard on yourself. I hope the breeder has a heart, realizes you are human and you did not purposely let her out. Know that we are all out there in blogland thinking of you and Neko and hoping for a speedy and happy reunion.


Oh - I hope she gets back to you and your family soon. Thinking of you.


So sorry to read this. I hope you find your cat very soon. Sending you all my positive thoughts



Most likely, your cat is within 50 yards of your house. 2 out of 3 people find their cats within 50 yards of the door. Meaning, looking in the neighborhood is great, but spend a good afternoon in your backyard looking through EVERY nook. Have at least 3 people with you so extra set of eyes can help look as well.
Put out some tuna and scrambled eggs in a bowl outside your house. This may attract cats within a mile radius, but it may also bring yours back.

Is your cat microchipped? This can save Neko's life. http://www.spca.org.sg/help_us/microchipping.asp

If you have any specific questions, I worked at both an animal shelter and now work at a er vet hospital. Email me :)

lisa s

don't give up!!

and i'm with cari - no cat is "just a cat"

you love her and miss her... she loves you too....


Best wishes -- xxx

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