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November 18, 2005



Five days! Five days! Diego is warming up the airbed for you :)


Great to read of your adventures. Hope we see you soon with booty - SSK meetings lack something without you.


Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip! I can't imagine another way I'd like to spend time at this moment. Chocolate AND craft supply shopping. Divine.


It was lovely to meet you too on Tuesday morning. Hope you enjoy NYC!


Sounds like someone is having a fabulous time... Looking forward to catching up when you get back

 Lee Ann

I hope little Scarlet is hanging in there...my daughter was born at 30 and a half weeks, and was in hospital until her duedate, a full nine weeks. It was quite a nightmare, and there are often issues later on that result from coming into the world not quite fully "cooked"...if ever your friend Rosie needs a shoulder to e-mail regarding raising a preemie, let me know. My in-box is open.

And you are so lucky to go visit Cari...have fun!


Hey, I live in Exeter ! What a small world.
Hope you have a great time, and that Scarlet gets better and better.

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