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November 01, 2005



lists and piles! it's the way I like to get organised too...

again no hurry for swap at all, so you can tick that off the list :)

Have you tried Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy? I recommend it so much that you would think I am on commission to sell it BUT it is great and I love to take it when I feel a bit stressed, and I find it really keeps me focussed (I use it for job interviews and flying!)

Keep well and Good luck with your trip...


oh, alison, i feel you. i am not getting ready to leave town, but if i was i'd feel as didcombobulated and panicky. as it is i have to sleep on the sofa tonight in the other room because i decided to reorganize my studio after work tonight, and now everything i was organizing iis piled on my bed and i am too tired to clean it off. ah, overwhelm. what would i do without it. take care, alison. good luck with your trip.

lisa s

oh i know exactly what you are feeling... you should see my office desk w/ stacks of separate piles of things that have started to intermingle into madness....

you will be great... have a safe and good trip!


ahh packing pressure...i entirely sympathise, i re-write my lists over and over and i always want my suitcase and holiday clothing to look like they could be in a chic simple book (not that it ever does of course)
hope it all comes together and wishing you an amazing journey full of inspiration and wonderful wool...

ps...if in doubt, buy!


have a good trip! i'm sure everything will work out fine.


Ay! My thought are with you. I hope the time on the plane or train or however you'll travel will give you ample time to knit, read and relax. I often find myself looking forward to travel just for the luxury of being on a plane for 8 hours. Nuts, I know.


Hugs to you, my dear. The lists WILL be checked off and the bags packed and the trip will be fabulous and I will give you oh so many hugs when I see you in the real world in just a few weeks.

la vie en rose

lists are a very good thing...love your take on spt


Have a wonderful time Al - looking forward to the stories when you get back. Take care, and enjoy!


Ugh - so unpleasant when the prospect of something fun (a trip!) turns into something terribly stressful... Piles and lists will see you through, and remember, if you forget something you can always buy it while you're there - seems obvious, but reminding myself of this always makes me feel better!


Enjoy your trip Alison, and spoil yourself!


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