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November 12, 2005



Sounds like you are having a good and busy time. I'll be pressing you for details of The Cloth Shop! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. See you soon.


Quite right about Loop - I loved it when it first opened. It is a very good boutique yarn shop, but the last couple of months it has underachieved. However, we are not tripping over yarn shops in London at the moment, so not a bad place to start.

Keep having fun.


Great to read this. Just keep on keeping on. And get some sleep!


sounds wonderful - the fabric - can't wait to see some pics and samples.


Loving the live feed from Paris and London. Wish I was there. Shopping sounds amazing. Enjoy.


I'm leaving for London/Paris/NY on Friday so your entry is particularly timely for me. The Cloth Shop sounds great and I'm glad to know I can skip Loop. I've done a little research and am thinking longingly of fabric in Paris as well.


So good to hear the update and tidbits! Glad to hear that everything is going pretty well, and, like everyone else, I'm excited to hear all the details upon your return!


Looks like you have been in my city (Paris) ....hope you likde it !!! La Droguerie is too small and toooooo expensive anyway, and it's more if you're looking for ribbons, buttons and beads.
For fabric you must go to MARCHE SAINT PIERRE in the north of the capital and there you'll find a bunch of 2 and 3 floor buildings only of fabric....it's a dream place down there...

Kisses from Paris :)

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