October 16, 2005



BANANAS - IN PAJAMAS - are running up the stairs.....!! heheh

How is it that I have a toddler but until I read this post I have completely forgotten about Bananas in Pajamas from my older children's younger years? How COULD I?? They have such a catchy theme song. :)


Skeins to balls - I know what you mean. It can really wreck the love affair to see the yarn colours wound in a different way. I saw Lorna's Laces for the first time in the fibre this weekend, but was oddly dissapointed by the colours... and resisted. Glad I did if they pool and flame too much.

Lee Ann

I successfully avoided Bananas in Pyjamas. However, I have been inundated with Barney, Dora the Explorer, the Wiggles (oh god, someone save me from the Wiggles), and the Teletubbies periodically make an appearance too...

I can almost tolerate Raffi. Almost. I'd take him over the Wiggles any day. Although if I had to sing Willaby Wallaby Woo one more time, I might open a vein.

There is simply no way to look cool being a mother in these situations. I swear kid's bands are invented solely so that the kids can get a head start on thinking their mothers are complete dorks.


The transformation from skein to ball to sock is what prevents me splurging on Interlacements Toasty Toes which looks incredible as a hank, but I do wonder what happens when it's knitted. I have a pair of Lorna's Laces socks which I rarely wear - the skein looked lovely in Purl but wasn't the same knitted up at home. Like bringing back the local wine from a holiday, maybe.
There is a strong argument for self-striping yarns - no surprises.

Bananas in Pyjamas - have to be grateful we missed this. I still know the plots to many Fireman Sam & Pingu episodes (brilliant) but can't stand to hear Ringo Starr doing Thomas the Tank Engine.


I thought these were particularly nice socks: http://knittingiris.typepad.com/knitting_iris/2005/09/super_sock_pal.html#comments. When I e-mailed Felicia, she told me that one of the advatages of the pattern is that it prevents pooling.

Love that rich, dark red. Lang Jawoll 830061 is a really nice solid rich red.


Great socks, babe.


Hey - GREAT red socks. Lovely. I'm about to start that pattern too. Banana's hey...wish I was there. I would have rocked out with you ;)


Guess what? I ripped my socks and started again with larger needles (much better), and now the colour is pooling!!!!! Argh!


thanks al, i feel so much better about my "mummy singing songs with silly actions" moments now...


I love your socks! They look great. And the color is so gorgeous.
As for the yarns for your upcoming projects, I love Lorna's Laces but the pooling is horrible, as you've seen for yourself. What I find works sometimes is if you work from two balls/skeins) of the same colorway. It breaks it up a bit.
Great blog! Cheers!


i hate the part of motherhood that requires me to clap and sing stupid songs. i don't mind silly, yet catchy, songs -- but some of the others. some mothers do it so well. i am not one of those.

lovely socks.


Ugh, wait until he becomes a Wiggles fan and you get to know every single bloomin' line to Wake Up Jeff, and Big Red Car. Bs 1 & 2 are positively wonderful in comparison. Well, at least you can kid yourself they're being ironic under those costumes.

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