June 26, 2005



If any knitted item has a history, it's this one. It should be sent with its own 300 page saga so that the recipient can understand what global co-operation can do! And I think it looks great. You are brave to have a go at mixing sewing & knitting and the results are excellent. Great choice of fabric.


ooh I LOVE that Florence Broadhurst fabric. I saw it in a decorating magazine once and became obsessed with it for a while. Great bags!

Julie K in Taiwan

Those dragonflies are shrink art? Very cool. Any tutorial in the future for those? Great basket bags and sweater. Thanks for sharing.


cute little jacket, I just can't get a grip on how it works exactly, need to get your model to wear it.


That little jacket is just adorable! And the baskets--wow. Amazing fabric. Can't wait to see a tutorial--I haven't quite been able to wrap my head around how to make one of these.


Oh god! I was going to knit that jacket from June (?) Family circle. I thought simple quick and easy for a newbie knitter!I wrote to the editor to complain about the yarn choice and all. I actually got a reply and a new pattern from them too. I'm a bit (ok, a lot) scared about knitting it now seeing this! (LOL) but yours looks fantastic and I'm just inspired. Thanks for the basket tute, I wondered how the magic was made!

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