June 03, 2005



Do pass on my very best wishes.


I'm pregnant myself and i'd like to send my best wishes and big hugs to your friend. I hope everything turns out well.


Lots of good thoughts and love sent, to your friend and her baby, and to you.


you can definitely count on my love and wishes for your friend. i'm thinking the best thoughts and sending the warmest feelings thier way.


My thoughts and prayers to your friends and you, from another knitting mum who's had both a prem baby and PND (and lives in Australia).


Of course I will be thinking of you and your friends and their precious babies...I hope they heal very quickly.


The very warmest of wishes to your friend Rosie and her sweet Scarlet. And hugs to you, too.


I'm thinking of sweet Scarlet and her family today, and sending them all the Mama love I can muster. I hope the hardest parts are behind them now. You're a good friend!


Please pass on my "sunny" thoughts to them. I am sure Scarlet will be home soon wearing her beautiful "Scarlet" sweater.


i will be thinking warm and happy thoughts for your friend and her baby. i met a girl once (friend of a friend) who was born so early she only weighed one pound (she was even in the guiness book for a decade or two) and she is happy and well. and my brother and i (twins) were also a little early and had to stay in the hospital for awhile but both of us are healthy, too. just wanted her to know that she's not alone and that these tough time will be behind them. i am sure that baby scarlet will be wearing that sweater in no time!


Your friends are in my thoughts. I have had a number of friends who have delivered even earlier and all the children involved have grown to be happy, healthy, smart, wonderful children. This is a miracle child and with all the love and support coming her way, I am sure she will be out bouncing with the other little babies quite soon. Your thoughtfulness and concern for others has really touched me. Good luck and will await a happy posting on their success.


::sniffle::sending out lots of love and good thoughts...


Best wishes to your dear friends and their precious little ones from me and my little one.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy time for your friend and her daughter. I have a friend whose daughter was born at 25 weeks and 6 years later they are both doing well; I know this isn't always the case, but these things can work out fine in the long term.


Positive thoughts are floating out from my home all around the place.
I was a 32 weeker and despite a tendancy to hide yarn in the boot of my car and occasionally dance on tables, I'm fine. Now I'm living my mother's experience. At a 32 week scan the baby was small, when he had been big throughout, then at 35 weeks he jumped ship, thankfully, as there was no food coming his way.
I had a 35 weeker who was a 3pounder with shocking blood sugar levels, holey heart, jaundice.
Now 7 1/2 months later he is bigger than average, slightly, but if you look at his corrected age, he is a bruiser and thankfully his hole is closing up.
The hardest part is the fear, then the wait for those first smiles, they take so long. 11 weeks until my first smile, and when I finally saw it my heart sang as if it would break and I cried a river.
Prems are so tiny, so fragile, so undercooked, but they grow so quickly. From size 000000 clothing to size 1 wondersuits in seven months. It can happen.


All the very, very best and lots of love and good thoughts to Rosie and Scarlet.


i am sending warm loving wishes to your friend. i truly hope it all works out for her and her family.

joy madison

That breaks my heart! I am praying for them both right now!


I am sending my love and best wishes to your friend, her baby, her family and you too. I have 3 little boys and although they weren't prem, the 3rd had major kidney surgery at 5weeks and had intense testing from 2 weeks. I can understand the agony and heartbreak watching your new baby being unwell. Ewan is a big bouncy 18 months now, and I am so glad it is all behind us now. I hope Scarlet is growing well and I'm sure she'll look beauiful in that grogeous top you made.


My youngest son was born with only 24 weeks. he stayed almost 5 months at the hospital. it´s hard for both parents to deal with fear, stress, anguish and so many mixed feelings but it makes everything easier when you believe that those tinny babies are strong and have an enormous will to live. My baby will be one in august and he`s doing just great!

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